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Love My Choice Trading Ltd.

Important Notice

to everyone who wants to email us regarding

tracking their orders on fashion bras.

We are not the company selling those bras.

Please read your order carefully, please don't email to us.

You should email to that India company at

We are - we don't have a letter s there.

We have our own website, all of our email addresses are ending with

We never need to use gmail for our company.


We received many chase order emails in this month.

Some of them have attached their order copies while some have not.

Almost all of them have bought some fashion bras.

Some of them said they bought them on Facebook.

On their orders it clearly listed out they are buying from a company at 

Our web site is which is without a letter s on there.

We are two different companies, please don't mix up.

We did some search online, it shows that is from India.

Their phone # is 91-912 529 8588 in India

Their email is :

Those are totally different from our contact info.

We are located in Canada, our address, telephone # and emails

are listed on our web all the time.

We never sell fashion bras on Facebook or eBay or Amazon.

There is no online payment method on our web. No one can pay online at all.